Sommelier course at the Křtiny Chateau

The course contains:

1. theory of winemaking, history, European and world winemaking, pairing wines with food, culture of wine tasting and proper wine service, storage, Czech winemaking and wine categorization.

2. practical part – wine presentation, service, the art of describing the character of wine, proper equipment of the sommelier for its service.

3. practical part in the wine cellar – guided tasting with interactive involvement of course participants. You will practice your sensory skills while tasting 7 samples of Moravian provenance (a cross-section through the country wines to special selections).

The course is an open ticket to the world of wine for anyone who wants to understand wine more.

The optimal number of participants in one group is up to 15 people. In the representative castle premises and the premises of the adjacent historic wine cellar under the guidance of a top professional lecturer with 30 years of experience, you will gain theoretical and practical sommelier experience within 3-4 hours, ending with a certificate of graduation from the basic course Sommelier valid for the Czech Republic.

The course can also be a starting point for further lifelong learning in this noble field.

If you like the samples and want to go deeper in your knowledge, the sommelier is ready to give you his full attention and extend the tasting with another range of samples, of course, at an increased cost.

The optimal number of samples in the practical wine tasting course includes 7 x 0,7 l bottles of wine.

The price for the tasting of 7 samples is 600 CZK per person including refreshments, which includes a neutralizing bite for each sample (cheese cubes, pastries), as well as baptismal water in carafes and a quality waiter’s opener as a gift for the participants.

The price of a sommelier with 30 years of experience who will guide you through the training and practical part is 6000 Kč.  

Upon completion of this course, students will be issued a certificate “Basic Sommelier Course” valid for the Czech Republic.

Price per persons starts at 1 000 Kč 

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