Vallis Baptismi – Valley of Baptism – Christening (Křtiny). This ancient name proves the importance of the traditional places where the town Křtiny in the middle of splendid and varied nature since 1750 is a baroque temple complex, castle and park designed by Jan Blazej Santini – Aichl. On 10.200 ha of forest owned by the Mendel University in Brno, located on the northern border of city of Brno in the neighborhood of Jedovnice, Křtiny, Adamov, Bílovice nad Svitavou and Vranov u Brna, partly belonging to the Moravian Karst, manages since 1923 Training Forest Enterprise Masaryk Forest Křtiny. As well as Křtiny castle with park. Although church and castle are not located on the highest point in the landscape, they dominate Křtiny valley.

The first surviving mentions of Křtiny are from the year 1237, but the history goes back to the arrival of Moravian missionaries Cyril and Methodius in the 9th century, as evidenced by its own name for the township. The chateau Křtiny, the former residence of premonstrates from Zábrdovice, Brno, is a monument registered in the State Register of Cultural Heritage of the Czech Republic, together with the local church of the Virgin Mary. The entire complex is connected with the Czech builder and architect of Italian origin Jan Blazej Santini – Aichl (1677-1723). According to his project was on the traditional spiritual place in the years 1718 – 1750 built the baroque church, its decoration exterior walls already transitioning into rococo style. On the internal adjustment participated former premier Moravian artists, notably John and Andrew George Etgens Schweigel. Santini temple was built on the site of two former churches – Romanesque (called Czech) and Gothic (German).

Křtiny monastery experienced its heyday in the 2nd half of the 18th century, soon after the consecration of the church. But soon followed the abolition of Emperor Joseph II. The church also serves the church, but the monastery property is sold. So come the new owners – Dietrichsteins them tumble from Litic and Tauber. In 1894 gains Křtiny chateau John II of Liechtenstein, intends to fix it and give the village a school or hospital. Christening but fear high costs and do not accept the gift, they lived here then only the doctor.

In 1923, upon receipt of Liechtenstein Adamov farmhouse University of Agriculture in Brno, is simultaneously also transfer Chateau Křtiny. Continued to serve as background for doctor during WW2,  the German army used accommodation capacity. Only since the 50s of the last century is the object used in practical training at the school farm. Perform various targeted renovations and repairs, but overall dilapidated chateau. At the beginning of the 80s of the 20th century for the University passes completely into the chateau management TFE, because since 1967 the headquarters of the company (in 1996).

Since 1994, the castle is undergoing extensive repairs. First, redeveloped and restored rafters roofing to prevent water leakage, then in 1997 by taking steps to reconstruct the south wing. Until the end of 2001 there is built a new kitchen, restaurant and modern equipment audiovisual training hall. Renovated the social hall. Then continue the overhaul and reconstruction of the main building. In November 2008, is approved for use the remainder of the castle – the north wing. Two floors created the accommodations (23 rooms), a new kitchen and restaurant on the ground floor exhibition and information space and multipurpose rooms (classrooms). The building of a new façade at the end of 2010 repair of the chateau Křtiny was completed.

Definitive dot repair complex security Santini was the revitalization of the castle park on an area of ​​2.7 hectares, completed in autumn 2012 on the basis of the project prof. Ivar Bran and Ing. Andrew Nečaský.

Křtiny castle with park was therefore in the years 1994 – 2012 fully repaired and folded teaching students and professional activities of teachers from all faculties MENDELU also other universities and institutions, professional and public education, residents of the township and Křtiny visitors to the region.